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Title: "Come Fly With Me"
Rating:  Adult concepts- but not explicit this chapter.

Spoilers/Disclaimers :  Torchwood, belongs to the BBC and RTD, I’m just borrowing the characters.

Summary: Torchwood characters in a story set in the glamorous world of international travel!

A/N: I’ve never been to New Caledonia, as I’ve said before- I’m hoping brionyjae will tell me whether I’ve done it justice!

Chapter 32



Captain Harkness’ crew were feeling refreshed and relaxed; just when they would normally be getting ready to fly back to England, it was only their second night in town, and they had the prospect of another five days in New Caledonia’s capital, a city so ‘French’ it wouldn’t have been out of place tucked between Nice and Cannes, rather than being found thousands of miles away on the other side of the world.

While Jack and Ianto had spent the first day with their now customary walk, stopping here and there at cafés or bars overlooking the waters of Noumea’s many harbours and bays, it seemed their teammates had taken their Captain’s words some weeks before to heart, and were ‘topping up their tans’ around the hotel’s pool, or looking out from the terrace towards the Baie des Citrons. An early dinner of wild mushroom crêpes, and they made their way back to the relative cool and calm of their hotel’s bar. After recent stays in the Colonial hotels of the Far East, the place was modern, anodyne, without the historic character of their recent ‘local’, The Elephant Bar. Still, the service was impeccable, and the location almost unbeatable.

While the bar was still empty of their colleagues, Ianto detailed his suggested plans for sightseeing for the rest of the stay. Jack smiled on as he watched his lover pore over the tourist map spread out on the bar table until he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Ianto… Stop, stop. We’ve got loads of time here. Enough to see almost everything. I know I should have told you, but I wanted this to be a surprise… We’re both going to have an early night today, and I want you up early and at breakfast tomorrow, overnight bag packed for a couple of days.” Jack paused as he saw Ianto turn towards him, the younger man’s eyes betraying the quite obvious warning look which said, ‘Jack, what are you up to?’

Jack didn’t wait for the expected reprimand and just grinned. “We’re here for a week, Ianto. I don’t give a shit what you say- we’re going out to some of the islands, just for a few days. No arguments- it’s all booked…”

Ianto glowered- Jack was used to it by now; it was one of the Welshman’s trademark looks, a combination of exasperation, completely negated by a fond and affectionate indulgence. He laughed. “No use arguing! We’re catching the ‘plane out tomorrow- at ten.”

“When were you going to tell me?”

Jack raised his eyebrows cheekily and continued grinning. “Oh, I was thinking about just around now… Didn’t want you making excuses… ”

A shake of the head and Ianto spotted Martha and Suzie walking in. Narrowed eyes told Jack that he was lucky that he’d escaped further interrogation for now.


The young Welshman could hardly believe his eyes. It didn’t matter how many times he had seen photographs of the Pacific- the reality was all the more breathtaking. Amongst the darker sea, land and limestone heaved out of the ocean, surrounded by shallower, pale cerulean waters around each islet and rock.


Jack leaned over him to look out of the small porthole. “Yeah, I think wow is the word.”

The small ATR 42 was making its descent towards Île de Pins’ small airstrip. Any annoyance that Ianto had initially had about the surprise few days away from the main island, Grand Terre, was now forgotten, and Jack got the feeling that he was well and truly forgiven.


As the porter left the bungalow, Ianto collapsed dramatically onto the bed and Jack knew the Welshman’s initial anger had been worth it; the Le Meridien Île de Pins was one of New Caledonia’s best hotels and he was damned if he was going to miss a few nights away with his partner if he had the chance. Although there had been the odd, questioning look from the local staff (rather than the European receptionist) as they booked into their room, for all intents and purposes this was France, albeit in the Antipodes, and they had every right to share a room -and a bed. And Jack had pulled out all the stops. This was just about the best room available. The bungalow suite was right next to the beach, and was only a few yards from the inviting waters of the Baie d’Oro. Jack fell onto the bed, too, joining the younger man.

“So… how long have you had this planned?” Ianto said with a teasing smile.

Jack leant over and kissed him and Ianto could feel the grin against his lips as he mumbled. “As soon as I knew they were serious about us coming out here. I kinda thought we both deserved a few days away… properly.”

“Thank you, Jack. But you do realize the others are going to wonder where we are?”

“Then we’ll tell ‘em we just went exploring for a few days. They’ll all probably not even notice we’re missing. They’ll be too busy shopping and sunbathing.” Jack hesitated for a moment and pulled back to look into sparkling blue eyes . “Or we could just come clean, if it looks like they’re not buying it…”

Ianto mulled over the suggestion. “Yeah, well. I guess we’ll just cross that bridge if we come to it.” He leaned back into Jack. “I don’t want to think about that just now, though. What do you say to us making the most of this? It’d seem rude not to ‘bag’ this hotel…”


Toshiko lounged on her sunbed, sheltered from the noonday sun by a large parasol, her laptop perched on her knees. A few of the crew had decided to hit Noumea’s shops, but the remaining members of the team were lazing round the pool, or taking in the view from the terrace.

She was distracted from her e-mails  as Owen slumped onto the adjacent lounger.

“Your Bellini, Miss Sato,” he said and he placed a glass on the low table between them.

“Thanks, Owen.” She quickly closed down, placing the PC on the table and reached for her drink.

“No problem.” Owen took a mouthful of beer with a satisfied groan. “So, Ianto texted you?”

“Yep, they’re back on Monday afternoon. I can’t say I’m not jealous- I’ve been looking up the Isle of Pines. It looks gorgeous…”

“Yeah, Jack was pretty excited on the flight over. He wondered if Ianto was going to lamp him when he found out, though!” he laughed.

“Well, his text didn’t sound too angry- but he did ask if I could be subtle if anyone asked where they were… just say they’d gone sightseeing or something.”

“Right! Although knowing this lot, they’ll not even realise they’re not here.”

Tosh hummed as she took a sip of her Bellini. “God, they’re good at these.” She seemed to be developing quite an addiction to Champagne Cocktails.

“You know, it’s not a bad idea. Sightseeing, I mean. Fancy a trip or two out?”

“I think that could be arranged. I’m not sure I can spend another four or five days lying about like this.” She wasn’t lying- she had never been one for beach holidays, and she was discovering that she was actually enjoying Owen Harper’s company and friendship these days, rather than anything else deeper or more romantic.


Jack stretched and flexed his arms with a satisfied yawn and then turned his head towards the other side of the bed where Ianto lay curled against his side, dozing lightly. His lips found it impossible not to quirk upwards into a smile, and he reached out to rest his hand against the steward’s cheek. “Hey, you…” he said softly, only to be greeted with a light, snuffling “Mmm” as blue eyes flickered open.

“It’s the middle of the afternoon- and I’ve been thinking about that lagoon…” he suggested, thinking of the warm, clear waters lapping at the secluded and sheltered beach only yards from their suite.

Ianto raised an eyebrow. “Yeah?”

“Yeah… What do you say?”

“I’d say… that that sounds like a good plan.”

“C’mon then!” Before Ianto knew it Jack was out of bed and trawling through his suitcase for some bathing shorts, like an excited child.


Still sheltering from the sun, Toshiko tapped away at the keyboard in front of her. Owen was quietly reading his Stieg Larsson novel as he lay on the lounger next to her.

“Hi there!” a bright Welsh voice greeted them. Tosh looked up, as she saw Gwen settle onto the nearest sun lounger to Owen, her small brown and gold bikini still wet from a dip in the pool. “How’s it going?”

The co-pilot placed the beer mat that he was using as a bookmark between the pages of the paperback, and dropped it onto the floor next to him.

“Great, Gwen. Can’t complain in surroundings like this, can you? How about you?”

“It’s just amazing here. I can’t believe it. I’d never even heard of this place before we got this job!”

Toshiko again closed down her computer, and put it to one side. “It’s gorgeous.”

“I wish my Rhys was here and could see it,” Gwen replied as she looked out across the bay. “I’ve not seen Jack today. I thought he might be down here…”

Both Owen and Toshiko wondered about the truth of whether Gwen really would want Rhys to join them.

“He said he was going off to look at the islands…” Tosh supplied, noting that the brunette had quite completely failed to notice her fellow countryman’s absence from the poolside, a fact that she wasn’t in the least bit surprised about.

“Oh,” Gwen faltered. “I was wondering if he fancied a walk on the beach. I don’t seem to have seen him much recently.”

“Yeah, it’s been a busy few months, Gwen,” Owen said, and for the moment he had successfully deflected any more comments on the subject. He looked around and, catching sight of a waiter discreetly hovering in the doorway to the bar, he raised his hand. He had a feeling he’d be needing another drink before the afternoon was done.


To be continued…

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