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Title: “Back Stage: Interval, Chapter 4”
Rating: M, for later adult content.
Spoilers/Disclaimers: Torchwood belongs to the BBC and RTD- I’m just borrowing the charcters. I own nothing here, nor do I make any money- so please don’t prosecute!
Synopsis: Torchwood characters in a story set in the world of UK Theatre/ Entertainment.
A/N: Thanks once more to everyone reading and commenting- I really can’t say how much it means to me. Sorry for the delay in posting again!

Chapter List: http://wanda1969.dreamwidth.org/23356.html

Chapter 4


Being the new Technical Manager of the Grand, Ianto had gone through an abrupt learning curve in the last two months. He’d avoided paperwork thus far in his career, but now it made up half of his working hours. Luckily the Grand’s management had employed a secretary cum admin assistant- one of the reasons that he had even considered applying for the post in the first place.

Donna Noble had been his saviour. An outspoken, but highly efficient, redhead somewhere in her thirties, she worked part time with Ianto, part time with the Entertainment and Sales Managers, Rory and Suzie. She’d eased his path into Management no end, and he would be eternally in her debt.


Ianto tapped at his mouse, flicking between the pages of the Grand’s events calendar. He’d already staffed the next couple of months, but it never hurt to see what was coming up.

And that was when he saw it: a whole six weeks booked out to ‘TBC’. Six weeks was a long time, and to see it booked out to nothing but ‘to be confirmed’ was unusual to say the least.

“Donna, what’s this?” he asked.

“It would kinda help if you defined exactly what ’this’ is,” Donna said sarcastically in her London accent as she looked up at him from her desk in the corner of the small room cluttered with events files and Archie’s remaining paperwork, some of it dating back to the 1980s, by the look of it. She was only just beginning to tackle that.

“It’s six weeks blocked out in late January, a few weeks after Panto, but there’s no indication of what the show is,” he replied deliberately and precisely.

“That’s better. And yes I do know what that is,” she answered smugly.

Ianto humoured her. “So what is it then?”

“It’s this new show- a première. If it comes off, it’s going to be big. That’s what they’re saying downstairs in Sales and the main office.”

“What else are they saying down there?” Ianto said encouragingly. If there was one thing that he’d learned about Donna, she loved a bit of gossip.

“Well...” she started conspiratorially, before looking over at the small coffee percolator that Ianto had bought recently. “Wait a minute. Do I get one of your coffees out of this?”

“Yeah,” Ianto gave a defeated but good natured sigh, and got up from his seat and filled the machine with some cold water from a covered jug, and a filter full of his favourite ground coffee. He flicked the ‘on’ switch and perched his behind next to it on the low cupboard, as it spluttered and gurgled into action.

“Right then, what’s the story?” he cocked his head at her, encouraging her to say more.

“Well...” she repeated slowly, enjoying the slight look of impatience on her boss’ face.


“Apparently, they haven’t dotted the ‘i’s or crossed the ‘t’s on the contract yet, but it’s going to be a musical, a sci fi one. They’re hoping it’s gonna be as big as ‘Forbidden Planet’. It’s got that guy in it... the one that’s all over the telly these days...”

Ianto regarded her and nodded his head, egging her on.

“You know, whatsisname... he’s all over the telly these days,” Donna was visibly trawling through her mind for the name of the actor. Finally she’d obviously remembered who the guy was. “He plays that Captain Jack Barton in Doctor Who, Suzie said he’d been in Panto here. You must know him.”

Ianto was glad he was leaning against the cupboard, as he felt his legs weaken a bit. Yes, he knew him. He’d worked with him. He’d kissed him. He’d spent the last few weeks watching him in ‘Torchwood’. And, rather disturbingly, the man had also invaded his dreams in recent weeks, in various circumstances- and states of undress.

He felt his face heat up a little, when he heard the percolator give a final sputter. He quickly pushed himself up from his resting place, and turned to pour out Donna’s coffee, thankful for the excuse and hopeful that she hadn’t seen his cheeks redden. Not that Donna knew anything about his personal life aside from his recent break up with Lisa, or his secret imaginings. Not that she could have known that Ianto was fast developing an obsession with both Jack Harkness and his rather unimaginatively named character from the Doctor Who spin-off.

“Jack Harkness,” he stated dispassionately as he stirred the drinks and composed himself. “He was here this Christmas, playing Aladdin. He can sing live, that’s for sure.”

“You’re not joking there- I saw him on that talent show the other week. I think Suzie and Rory are right, it could be a hit. And he’s drop dead gorgeous. If that doesn’t get the punters in, nothing will,” she said eagerly as she took her drink.

As he drank down his own coffee, Ianto wondered if he could avoid Jack, perhaps apply for another job before the show. Internally, he shook his head. Nope, being Technical Manager of the Grand had turned out to be his dream job, and he had to stick with it, whatever complications came with it. Anyway, he was positive that Jack wouldn’t dwell on the kissing episode, or even bring the subject up after their talk at the end of the run. All he had to do now was put his own longings and regrets aside.


When, the month after their conversation, he saw the ‘TBC’ appellation change to ‘Torchwood: The Musical’ in the Grand’s events’ calendar, it was no surprise, but he still felt a strange rush of heated blood through his body.


To Be Continued...
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